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Urethane Battery Mold for the Medical Industry

A leading supplier of critical medical components and devices contracted Woodward Industries, Inc. to manufacture a series of black urethane battery molds. Used in life-saving medical components and devices, these battery molds needed to meet our client’s high expectations for quality. Specializing in custom tooling and mold making, Woodward Industries, Inc. was entrusted to manufacture these custom molds for GreatBatch.

We were able to produce these molds to meet precise client specifications. Upholding a .001 of an inch precision tolerance, we used a CNC RenShape plug to construct each component. Drawn from a customer supplied pdf drawing, each of our urethane battery molds was equipped with one or more cavities, a plexiglass top, and a series of release knobs.

Combining our advanced technology with years of expertise, we were able to successfully produce a series of black urethane battery molds that met our client’s precise requirements for both quality and functionality.

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