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At Woodward Industries, Inc. we employ state of the art 3D CAD/CAM design software to assist in part design for manufacturability, as well as reverse engineering utilizing our 7 Axis Romer Arm with RS5 laser scanning capability.

From form study to functional prototypes and full scale models, we can design your samples using a variety of materials, including acrylic, aluminum, foam, and plastics. And, we can manufacture a wide selection of products, ranging from blanks and castings to displays and experimental or working models.

Offering a variety of prototyping techniques, such as blow molding, CNC machining, and aluminum castings, our advanced part prototyping and reverse engineering capabilities have assisted multiple industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive, electronics, and retail. And, we invite you to contact Woodward Industries, Inc. today to learn more about any of our additional service options, ranging from assembly and digitizing to fabrication and machining.

Additional Capabilities