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Foam Model Parts for the Military

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Foam Model Parts for the Military

Based off of client supplied CAD design files, Woodward Industries, Inc. was able to manufacture a series of foam parts for the military. These foam parts were to be used in a tank model. Holding a .001 of an inch precision tolerance, we combined a variety of our advanced mounting and assembly operations to create these model parts from RenShape foam board. In addition, we reinforced the models with plywood material.

Performing multiple CNC set-ups, we were able to manufacture a series of foam model parts for the military that met our client's specific project requirements. After production was completed, we then delivered these foam parts directly to our client's designated location. Combining expert model making expertise with our advanced technology, we were able to manufacture a series of foam parts that met precise military specifications.

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Specifications for Foam Model Parts for the Military

Capabilities Applied/Processes:CAD/CAM, Mounting, Assembly
Tightest Tolerance:.001
Cutting Method:CNC
Base Material:Foam Board, RenShape, Plywood
Material Used:Foam Board sheet - High Density Urethane
Special Feature:Multiple CNC set-ups, Reinforced with plywood
Secondary Operations Applied:Assembly
Industry for Use:Military
Design Work: CAD- separation of parts
Drawing Type Accepted:IGS